Rhymes and Beats Podcast #20 10/01/2006
Hosted by DJ AUDIO1

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Anotha Level – What’s That Cha Say
Kool G Rap – Its A Shame
Saafir – Light Sleeper
Boogie Monsters – Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress
Above The Law – Return Of The Real Shit
Comptons Most Wanted – Def Wish (DJ Premier Remix)
Eazy E – Real Muthafuckin G’s
Notorious BIG feat. Method Man – The What
Ill Al Skratch feat. Greg Nice, Nine and MOP – Dr. Feelgood
Lord Finesse – Check The Method
Mystik Journeymen – Depths of Survival
Gravediggaz – 1-800-Suicide (Flip Squad Remix)
Diamond D, Sadat X and Lord Finesse – You Cant Front
Das Efx feat. Mobb Deep – Microphone Master (Sewa-41st Side Remix)
Organized Konfusion – Stress
AZ – Your World Wont Stop
Genius/GZA – 4th Chamber


6 responses »

  1. donisaur says:

    frozen north

    thanks for the tracks

    northern onterrible wut

  2. Chandi says:

    whats that cha say bout the west coast? you got flava? anotha level….i luv it! n i been lookin for songs of Anotha Level thru limewire but i have found none yet, if you have any, please play it in your future shows….

  3. Bipola says:

    Yo! Best episode so far, in my opinion. Thanks very much for putting these together DJ Audio 1, it’s much appreciated from people such as myself.

    Loved the classic flava, especially “You Can’t Front” holy shit, I need the album that tracks from, can’t believe it’s from 93 and I just heard it. Peace, much respect.

  4. ted says:

    That’s it Audio 1! Respect for your skill to choose n’ join HH tracks. Waitin’ for the next mixtape…

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