Rhymes and Beats Podcast #24 11/15/2006
Hosted by DJ AUDIO1
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Nas – HipHop Is Dead
Lupe Fiasco – Make Sure
Tanya Morgan – Take The L (Get It)
Vertigo (The Anonymous) – Serenade
DJ Pocket – Just To Make A Buck (Instrumental)
Masta Killa – Brooklyn King
Polyphonic The Verbose – Moving On
J Infinite – Mayhem In Metropolis
Omega One – Memento
Basic Vocab – Come Get With It
De La Soul feat. Butta Verses – You Got It
Ghostface – Ghost Is Back
Nas – Where Yall At
Absolut feat. Beanie Sigel and Raekwon – If I Shoot U
Skillz – HipHop Died
Skyzoo and 9th Wonder – Way To Go
Ripshop – You Dont Want
Iomos Marad – War Stories
Record Playas – No Clew
9th Wonder – Brooklyn On My Mind (Crooklyn Dodgers 3)
The Roots – Dont Feel Right (Instrumental)


2 responses »

  1. Gerh says:

    Ya Guy This ROX M8…
    It Realy Does

  2. Timm says:

    i keep commin back to this one Audio1. its the hotness. you confronted the hip hop is dead issue and ripped it apart.

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