Rhymes and Beats Podcast #28 02/14/2007
Hosted by DJ AUDIO1

Download (right-click and save)

The Bayliens – Angel Love (Valentines Day Only EXCLUSIVE)
Hell Razah, Tragedy Khadafi & RA The Rugged Man – Renaissance
J Dilla (R.I.P.) – Wild
Black Milk – Sound The Alarm
Jern Eye feat. Zion-I – Click
Presence – Buckle Up
Jace The Great – BBoy
Bucc Rogerz – Declaration
Brother Ali – Truth Is
KODA – The Beats
KODA – Session 2
Nas – Who Killed It
DJ Shadow – This Time (Im Gonna Try It My Way)
Pro & Reg – Old School Rules
Kirby Dominant – Fun
Da Analyst – Computa Luv
Metah – From Outside In
Hi-Tek feat. Dion, Q-Tip & Kurupt – Keep It Moving
De La Soul – What The Fuck No. 1 (Mind State)
Mr. Nogatco aka Kool Keith – Celestial
Top Prospects feat. Bucc Rogerz – More Than Hardcore


2 responses »

  1. supa says:

    is it just me, or is the download speed ridiculously slow? I’m running a 6mbit connection, and Im only getting roughly 40 kb/s.

  2. Frenchy says:


    Another great mix from Audio 1!

    Download them every month, always good beats.

    Keep um’ coming mate!


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