Rhymes and Beats Podcast #32 01/15/2008
Hosted by DJ AUDIO1

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Common – I Have A Dream
Zimbabwe Legit feat Mike G – Where Im At
Ski Beatz feat. Camp Lo – Ticket 4 Two
Consequence – Disperse
Skillz – Dreamz 08
Apathy – Chicka Chicka
J-Live – The Incredible
Chris Lowe – Left To Right
Black Milk feat. Mr. Porter – Keep It Live
K-Hill – Reaching Out
Paulie Rhyme + Deedot feat. Nomi – Bullet Holes
Skyzoo feat. Torae – Get It Done
Akrobatik feat. Talib Kweli – Put Ya Stamp On It
Black Thought feat. Planet Asia – Over Your Head
Keelay & Zaire feat. Hassaan Mackey, Rasco, Planet Asia and Slo Mo – Cali 2 NY
edIT – Certified Air Raid Material
The Bayliens feat. Cait La Dee – Bubble Gum (Live Mash Up)
Common feat. DJ Premier – The Game
Royce Da 59 – Hit Em
DJ Spair feat. Doo Wop – Things Just Aint The Same
Doujah Raze – Where You Are


14 responses »

  1. Timm says:

    this is what ill is.
    Nice one Audio1, keep it right!

  2. Absenze says:

    Great stuff! Thanks, we owe you ^^

    (btw… what about mixes 2-5 again…) 😉

  3. Audio1 says:

    No joking eh!

    Lemme upload those tonite or this weekend. Keep an eye out.

  4. kashdan says:

    Nice to hear that new stuff is coming up.

    Absenze, when you need mix 2-5 i got it in my libary. Check my contact / portifolio @ Website

  5. Tim P says:

    Another sick mix – look forward to these always. keep it up man!

  6. Keelay says:

    Audio 1 is that dude!! Good look brotha!

  7. Oli says:

    Good to have you back Audio1. Strong start to the year with two awesome mixes, I’m eagerly awaiting 1st of Feb R/B mix, better late than never ;).


  8. Kashdan says:

    Here we go. I´ve hosted #2-5 @ Sendspace. Check this out..

  9. seattle_chris says:

    glad to see a new mix up. I’ve been lurcking and playing the old ones for quite sometime. much love.

  10. 634t 60x says:

    big up man i been waiting a while for a new one

  11. Oliver Charles says:

    Hey, just got shown this by a friend when we were discussing hip-hop. Sweet selection, and great mixing. Subscribed to the blog, and looking forward to more mixes 🙂

  12. audio1 says:

    Thanks everyone. Sadly Life, Work and my endless gigs caught up to me so far in February. Tomorrow and Monday I will have 2 new sets to make up for not having em on time. One will be all new hiphop, The 2nd will be a diggin in the crates set. Have a great weekend and check back for episodes 33 and 34 by Monday.

  13. seattle_chris says:

    I’m missing you Podcasts… i hope all is well.

  14. Audio1 says:

    Life is kicking my ass at the moment. 9 to 5, DJ gigs, dealing with bouts of sleeplessness, Illness and spending time with family and friends… Imma continue this series as soon as possible. My apologies for overpromising. I know Ive been sayin, every 2 weeks, every week… Imma try to bang a few 60 minute episodes back to back in the next few weeks. Please stay tuned and also visit our hiphop audioblog, The BrokeBBoys (http://brokebboys.wordpress.com)

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